The EHEDG network is open to individuals, companies and institutes and comprises meanwhile more than 1,300 main contact persons with many thousand staff resources behind who are the representatives of

  • Companies for the manufacturing of food and food equipment, pharmaceutical and cosmetic production  
  • Companies supplying engineering services
  • Scientific and research organisations
  • Health authorities and associations.

EHEDG is an "Institution for General Benefit" and donations may be fully deducted from tax:

The EHEDG Stichting has been granted an ANBI* status by the Dutch tax authorities which means that individual and company members are authorized to fully deduct their donations to EHEDG from their tax payments.
*ANBI: see Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling.

As an ANBI institution, EHEDG is obliged to publish its annual balance and profit & loss calculation. The results of the past three years are available in the Disclaimer.

An overview of the funds currently reserved for major EHEDG projects and other regular activities can be downloaded here: Overview of EHEDG Projects and Activities 2018.